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The Dieta takes place in a pristine sanctuary of Amazonian wilderness, the Sachavacay Preserve.  Deep in the jungle, on a beautiful 500-acre tract set in the Ucayali State of the Peruvian Amazon, a magical and spiritually charged world awaits us.  Lush with vitality, Sachavacay is painted in every shade of green, offering an orchestra of sounds of birds and breezes and leaves one feeling truly at home, even when far from all things familiar.

Dieta participants will meet at a predetermined site in the city of Pucallpa, spend the night in a simple but comfortable hotel and set out early the next morning for the Sachavacay Preserve. We will travel by taxi for about 2 ½ hours to reach a small village, and from here we will travel by boat for about two hours until we reach the entrance to the sanctuary.

Upon arrival, each person will be escorted to a small open-air hut, the “tambo,” which will be his or her home for the duration of the Dieta. The majority of time during the Dieta will be spent in solitude in the tambo.

These huts are finely crafted and rustic, and all necessities are provided. Each tambo is furnished with a slat bed with a small mattress and mosquito netting, a table, an adequate supply of filtered water, candles and a beautiful hammock in which to rest and reflect throughout the process. In addition, each tambo has its own pit toilet, secluded for privacy.



During the core days of the Dieta, every other day we will gather in the common ceremonial space called the “maloca,” which is accessed from the tambos by a beautiful network of cleared trails through the jungle.  The regular walk from the individual huts to the maloca immerses us in the energy and richness of the jungle.  In addition, all of the tambos are situated near the river, each with its own trail to access the water. This provides ease in going to the river to take our daily baths with medicinal plants. All the necessary supplies of day-to-day life are given; eating utensils, buckets for baths, and of course the wide array of master plants which Don Diego and his assistants harvest fresh daily from the jungle.

At Sachavacay you will encounter a pure experience of the bounty and beauty of Mother Earth, offered through the hands and heart of a true master of the art of Amazonian healing.
Soon after you arrive, your spirit will synchronize with the heartbeat of the land, as you embark upon a divine process of personal growth.

Sachavacay is not just a place, but also a gift, a way of knowing, a remembering of what we have forgotten.