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Dieta Schedule - Dates

Cost - email: for details.

Includes cost transportation to Sachavacay from, and returning to, Pucallpa , all meals, plant medicines, and services of the shaman and staff while in the jungle.


Plant Medicine Supplements

Organ Rejuvenation - Don Diego can prepare a special blend of plants to promote organ rejuvenation.  This healing plant mixture is offered in all dieta’s for an additional fee.


Heart Opening - Provides deep and profound support for the opening of the heart.



Dates for 2013

• May 23 - June 1

Arrive in Pucullpa by May 22 by 3:00 PM.


• June 6 - June 15

Reserved for those who have worked with Don Diego for 3 years or more. Inquire for more information. Arrive in Pucullpa by June 5 by 3:00.


• October 9 - 18

Arrive in Pucullpa by October 8 by 3:00 PM


• October 23 - November 1

Arrive in Pucullpa by October 22 by 3:00 PM




Helpful Hints

• The morning of departure you will stop for lunch at a little restaurant. Please be sure you have small change and small bills (Peruvian money) to pay for your lunch and tip.


• At the end of dieta most people like to leave a tip for the staff of Sachavacay.  As one participant wrote about her experience:  “I got 10 days worth of room service with gourmet meals, laundry, personal bodyguard and nursemaid if I couldn’t  make it back to your tambo....all with a smile of course!!!!!” Additional staff usually numbers around eight.


It is mentioned here because most people forget to take enough money with them to the land. THIS IS NOT A REQUIREMENT..some of you might not be able to leave anything extra ... while others of you can afford to do so.   You decide if and how much.


• Take a lock for your suitcase that you are leaving at the hotel in Pucullpa. While there have never been problems, you may feel more comfortable if your luggage is locked. 


• Take your passport with you to the land. When traveling in foreign countries it is important to always keep your passport with you. A copy of it should be kept in your luggage at the hotel.