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Don Diego

Don Diego, the founder, director and master shaman of Sachavacay Preserve fully embodies the ancient healing traditions of the Amazonian curanderos (traditional healers). He is a man dedicated to uncovering the most profound truths that this life has to offer, which has propelled him on a life-long path of learning.  At a young age, he was readily identified as a pure-hearted vessel into which the age-old wisdoms of the Amazon were transmitted, and he spent his formative years apprenticing to elder shamans throughout the region. 

A diligent student of the Amazonian master plants, Don Diego has internalized the lessons of his masters, wisdom poorly understood in other cultures, that the plants themselves are the purest teachers.  Most of what he has learned has been revealed to him in moments of solitude and deep introspection due a mixture of Divine grace and relentless dedication to his path.  His body, mind and spirit have become a repository of the magnificent knowledge gleaned directly from a vast pharmacopoeia of plant medicines, and he has learned how to apply this knowledge to spiritual evolution.

Don Diego has an expansive range of tools with which he works for the purposes of healing.  He is a master of the ancient art of Soplo, the traditional Amazonian tobacco blessing, used for millennia to clear body, mind and spirit.  He is an accomplished musician, carrying within him a vast repertory of “icaros,” magical shamanic songs of incredible beauty that heal and guide the lives of those who listen.  In addition to the icaros, Don Diego masterfully transports therapeutic energies through sound of any kind, including instruments, mantras, and moments of sacred silence. 

Don Diego has recognized the need to integrate ancient Amazonian knowledge with its scientific basis and contemporary application.  He has studied the biochemistry of plant medicines at the Phytochemical University

in Iquitos, Peru, and holds a rarely awarded certificate as a traditional plant healer based on his extensive study of ethnobotany of the Amazon.

Don Diego currently offers study in Amazonian plant medicine around the world as well as in the rainforest of Peru. His ability to teach the healing arts effectively in many cultures is fostered by his extensive psychological and medical studies. He has studied Natural Medicine at the University of Alicante in Spain, Jungian psychology, Neuro-linguistic Programming and Bach flower essences. He has experience in many forms of massage therapy, including Thai and sports massage.

Don Diego is fluent in both Spanish and English, and his students span many countries and backgrounds.  When he looks at people, he sees beyond the form, beyond the conditioning that has molded and shaped us since childhood.  Don Diego sees the essence within the individual, and because of this he knows how to relate to people from all walks of life.

A man of deeply rooted spirituality, Don Diego honors all spiritual traditions and paths. He has learned from Hindu sages in India, “oracionistas,” (shamans who heal with prayer) in Peru, and carries a humble devotion and reverence for the life of Christ.  He lives a prayerful life, and those who study with him, regardless of their spiritual background, find a divine essence communicated through Don Diego’s infectious smile and true compassion for all of humanity.

Those who have had the good fortune to find their way to this humble master find their lives beautifully enhanced. An accessible shaman for contemporary times, Don Diego brings pure healing to all who seek his counsel.

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