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Healing The Roots


Today in our Western world we have so many therapies, so many techniques that people use to heal, to maintain peace of mind, so we can live a life that is a little more tranquil, happier, or easier.  We have so many psychologies, so many healing methods, and they are all a help. Some people feel more benefits with one, some people with others.

However, my approach to the medicine is different, because it is connected with the Divine evolution of the soul.  I cannot understand real medicine without inner growth.

If you have a certain kind of problem, like depression or sadness, you can go to a therapist, and the therapist is going to help you to have an easier way of living. Your life can improve and you feel happier in your life, and that is good, but once you shift and change the depression, other issues can still arise. What is the purpose of healing the sadness, if once we get rid of it, another thing arises, and another thing, and another thing, and another thing?

The reason for our suffering is our desire. While there is desire, there is suffering. The amount of suffering that we feel in our lives is equal to the amount of desire that we have in our lives. The more desire, the more suffering.

We should go deep within ourselves and heal ourselves from

the essence, understanding our minds, and having control of our minds, to rediscover the real thing in this life, to discover the reality of ourselves. Then we begin to have a glimpse into what it means to be alive, why we were born, where we are going.

It’s only through concentration that we can have answers to these questions.

I would like to explain that in a form of a metaphor. If you are a tree, and your tendencies and your problems are the leaves of the tree, if you begin to heal one leaf, and later another, and later another, and another, and another, it will take so much time.  And once you have healed a thousand leaves the first ones would begin to get sick again.

My approach is different. My approach is to focus on and grow from the roots, to grow a healthy trunk and healthy branches with the profundity and the concentration necessary.  Because the tendencies that are your leaves, the bad things in your personality that are represented by the leaves of the tree, when you are mature enough inside the trunk and the roots, the leaves become yellow and fall naturally.

It is unnecessary to work on your bad tendencies. You must focus in the profundity of yourself, and when you do this, and concentration is attained, what is not good naturally falls away.