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His Story

When I was 17 years old, I met a native from the Amazonian jungle who recognized me as his apprentice.  I traveled with him to the jungle of Peru where I spent many years learning and integrating the new culture I was living.  Both of us went so deep into the jungle, into the virgin jungle.  And for a long time we were following a special diet, a very strict diet, and we were in silence for periods of even a month.


In this time my master opened for me the doors of Amazonian Spirituality.  He taught me how to connect with the spirits of the plants and to have a relationship as friends with them.  The spirits taught me so much about their own qualities, physically as well as spiritually.  These “beings” (for that is what the master plants really are) taught me the ancient art of shamanic healing.


After spending a long time with this master, I traveled to the border between Peru and Brazil in the Amazon river.  Here, I went deep into the jungle with a master that was living in solitude, and I spent a long time with him.  This master was an exceptional teacher.  Living in isolation, all he did was drink and tend the land.  He helped me to go deeper into the healing arts.  Under his guidance, I dieted for three uninterrupted months.  Later on, I drank ayahuasca with him for 28 days in a row.  He taught and opened me to how to enter into contact with the spirits while dreaming.  He taught me how to control the shamanic dreams.  From this master I received the mariri (shamanic power).  Once I received the mariri, even though I was far away from him, I continued to learn from him.  Following my departure from his land, I was drinking tobacco every day for 6 months.  By combining drinking the tobacco and with the power of the mariri, I was learning no matter where I was. 


Once again, I felt called to work with plants from the area of Pucallpa, so I came back to the area and reconnected with my 

master there.  There I dieted for many years.  It was during this time that I met a beautiful palero (a master who only drinks trees) master.

He was an expert of the dieta.  With him I was dieting 5 times a year.  He taught me secrets about the dieta, secrets he knew only through drinking the tobacco and through his dreams.


He taught me these things so that I could help many people.  With what I already knew, and with what he was teaching me, I could make a difference in the quality of life of the people. 


I spent hard and difficult times by myself in the jungle. Peruvian men of the jungle are tough men.  They did not have the sensibility of how to treat a child as we do in occidental countries.  The way they treated me made me grow so strong.  Recognizing my own patterns, and detaching myself from my preconceptions about how life was supposed to be was a difficult process.  Opening to realities that nobody around me could even imagine was not easy.  But the divine grace was with me since the beginning of the process.  It was through this grace that I was finding each master in the appropriate moment to learn and keep evolving and I was being prepared for the mission awaiting me. 


Even with all the masters that I had, it was God who was guiding me through the jungle, through every place, through every master, through every person, through every contact, and through every experience.  Through this process, my body began to understand how we could awaken to the divine through the Amazonian shamanism.  The spiritual path through the Amazonian healing traditions has not been easy, but it has been an ultimately rewarding path.  At Sachavacay, I hope you can have a glimpse into and reconnect with this reality that has been the history of my life.  This is available for everybody.  What I have received is not mine.  And sharing what I have learned is the reason of Sachavacay.