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Icaros of Sachavacay

The amazing songs of Don Diego are now available for download or on CD!

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Everything has its song.

Melodies arise from the breeze, the winged ones, the rivers and every fragrant blossom. Each stone hums its truth, the flames sing their story, each verdant branch echoes with the glory of the Creator of all things.

The music you hold in your hand flowers from this essential fountain of life.

Sometimes arising in ancient native languages, not known to the singer, this music connects us to the earth community. The rhythms of our common ancestry can be discerned in these songs. These icaros, or magical melodies of the Amazon, are not humanly composed. They emerge whole from the Source; are not new or old, but eternally present in the ethers and waiting for those who are still enough to hear and “translate” them into the physical realm.  Don Diego is such a humble listener to this Music of Life.

The Songs of Sachavacay are a small sampling of the thousands of such sacred tunes that permeate Amazonia.

They are often “received” through experiences with the most potent of the master teaching plants, Ayahuasca, within which resides a spirit of magnificent and divine intelligence.  Such songs are sung in plant medicine ceremonies,  “prescribed” in the Amazon to heal certain ailments or lighten the weight of sorrow or sadness. They can offer strength, protection, solace and healing to one who is disheartened or searching.

Some of the songs in this collection have revealed themselves in their entirety into the heart and voice of Don Diego, while others have been passed down through the ages through a lineage of shamans and curanderos (traditional healers) who comprise this living tradition of receiving songs from the Earth and the Heavens

In short, these melodies are PURE medicine.

Receive the tonic of these songs with a happy heart.

True joy lives inside this music.

Partake of it.

Be well.