S. W. California Male, 49 years old, Building Contractor

The experience at Dieta was profound and moving for me. I’ve found my Love...I’ve found my breath...I’ve found that all the things that I have struggled with have been for understanding and for Love and Allowance. I”ve seen that kindness and compassion are potent influences. Clarity seems to flicker though  it is clear that the Mother Vine has brought an awareness in myself of my truest desire, which is to create space for healing to happen.  I’m feeling very happy to know you all and to have shared the time we did in the way we did. I look upon us all affectionately. 


D. B. Southwest US Female, 54 years old, Marketing Executive

Diego is truly a maestro, and anyone seeking this experience would do well to make sure that you are participating with a shaman you can trust!

Diego allows each person to grow and experience in their own way. He is a powerful healer.

My personal experience was intensly profound and life changing. The degree of healing experienced is beyond the scope of explaination possible here. Mother Vine is truly a healer - physical, emotional and spiritual - for me. Your experience may differ, however, I am certain it will be exactly what you need at that time!


S.M. Florida Female, 59 years old Licensed Clinical Social Worker

It has now been 6 months since my last dieta in Sachavacay.   What has changed??  Is it too much to say “everything” while on some levels all might look the same.   Yet I consistently hear “you look glowing”, “you seem so happy”, “you look younger” ..these are comments that are given to me regularly.   Partaking of madrecieta has changed me.

It is easiest to speak of the physical ways I am changed.  I no longer have acid reflux.  I had been on medication for several years prior to beginning my work with Mother Vine.  Over the years when I would partake I noticed that problem less and took the medication less often.  Since returning from Peru the problem is gone.

When I first began partaking in scared ceremony 4 years ago I was bothered by arthritis.  It was never serious but I had taken various natural remedies for this condition.  In 2004 the shaman gave me Chuchuwasi, a master plant that treats arthritis.   Following that I have never had any arthritis pain again.

While these physical healings are pretty amazing to me I never sought Mother Vine for physical healings.  I was drawn to her for emotional healing and spiritual connection.  It is much more of a challenge to put this experience into words.   So I’m not going to try.  I will say that long term, deep pain has been healed and that I have a connection to the worlds beyond this one that I never imagined.  I have been opened and shaped in profound ways….ways beyond anything I could have ever dreamed. 

I sit in continued amazement that Mother Vine “found me”.    I feel so blessed from the experiences Mother Vine has offered me.  These experiences are challenging at times but I’ve come to so trust in her healing wisdom.   I have come to believe that Mother Vine will never give us more than we can deal with as long as we honor her power by partaking in sacred ceremony with a skilled shaman.  I know Diego provides vital direction of the energies and protection for us while we are opened and worked with through the powerful healing energies of Mother Vine.


A.S. Florida Female, 59 years old, Medical Doctor

Entering Sachavacay is a beautiful adventure, within and without. Before undertaking this journey, I thought I would be fearful in the jungle. Once there, ALL fear melted and I felt I had been escorted into a leafy heaven. The jungle itself became a doctor bringing healing, a mother bringing love. The plant medicines themselves are like doctors, possessing an inexplicable intelligence and power to cleanse body, mind and spirit.

I cannot begin to imagine a more experienced, loving and delightful guide for this journey than Don Diego. He was tireless in his care for every participant. Walking miles through the jungle every day, personally bringing food, individualized plant teas, or plants for bathing to each of us in the huts where we stayed. And making his rounds to listen to each of us, inquiring about our joys and challenges in immersing ourselves in this work, Don Diego set our hearts and minds at ease.

To partake of these sacred plants in the motherland from which they are harvested is a rare gift. As a physician, I am left in awe at the power of these medicines, their ability to penetrate and spark healing in the wounds of our lives.  Everything offered in Sachavacay is pure; the medicines, the guidance, the love. Already I am musing about when I can return. Gracias, Don Diego! 



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