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The Land

Sachavacay is much more than a 500-acre preserve of virgin Peruvian rainforest.  It is a spiritual sanctuary where the Divine presence burns brightly.  This energy awakened in a spark the fated moment when Don Diego took his first steps on the land, and has been growing in its radiance ever since. At the heart of Sachavacay, the Divine awaits each and every one of us who courageously walk this healing path towards uncovering the true Self.


Upon entering Sachavacay, the pristine beauty and innate purity of the forest embraces us like a mother, creating an ideal atmosphere for personal transformation and spiritual evolution.

  Since its inception, people from all over the world have been drawn to Sachavacay to learn the ancient ways of Amazonian shamanism as a path to the Divine because of its high spiritual vibration, cultivated lovingly and unceasingly by Don Diego.  This energy is the necessary ingredient that accelerates the process of cleansing, jump-starting our self-growth and deepening our consciousness.  Among the plants, the butterflies, the birds, the rivers, the trees, and all the magic dwelling inside Sachavacay, we can surrender with total confidence to the call of the Divine.


Join Don Diego at Sachavacay, and begin the journey of your spirit...