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The Plants Alone are not Enough

for Spiritual Growth and Evolution

There are several proper paths to seek self-knowledge. The way that I use is through the master plants. Drinking Ayahuasca and shamanism is a good path for spiritual evolution.

But we should understand that the plants by themselves are not enough to grow spiritually. It is necessary to have the proper guidance. When there is not the proper guidance, the goal, the direction that we need to go, it can get blurry, it is difficult to feel, it is difficult to understand.

 There is some confusion in the Western world because many people think that just entering into these dimensions, that is spirituality. Just having these experiences, that is spiritual. Those experiences in other realms can produce certain effects in you that can bring you to certain understandings, and that is correct. But if we do not move towards self-knowledge and towards changing our lives and living a life more according with the Divinity, a life that is going to bring us closer and closer to our true self, it may not be worthwhile for spiritual evolution.

The real reason of drinking this plant and the work that I am doing is self-discovery, self-knowledge. And that - it’s really, really important.

What is the purpose of drinking Ayahuasca many times and not going towards the Divine Self?

 If we have so many experiences with the plants, and in this case with the Ayahuasca, and they are not well-directed towards the proper place it is so difficult to evolve, spiritually. That is the reason why Ceremony has always been guided by a shaman who already knows the plant and the proper vibration. We should understand how important the vibration is that the shaman shares, the vibration that he or she shares is vital for our spiritual evolution.


It is the vibration that begins to do the work for us, that begins to produce certain experiences that give us the profundity and the distance necessary to become less reactive and more conscious of what we are processing. And through that space we begin to understand more and more about who we are. Sometimes to be able to do that we need to go through the same teaching several times.

 I am not talking about the work done with the plant; I am talking about the work that is done later in our daily lives. During the experience with Ayahuasca when the ceremony is guided with the proper vibration certain things are going to change inside of ourselves, then if we hook into this vibration, if we do the work properly, when we come back home we have much more work to do. The work that we have done during Ceremony is going to awaken certain experiences, certain encounters with different people, it’s going to awaken certain tendencies buried deep inside of ourselves that aregoing to shock us in ways that will, little by little, make us understand what direction we have to go.

 The most important work of the shaman for spiritual evolution is in the profundities of the ayahuasca to connect our souls with the correct path so that during ceremony and after ceremony we can process our own Karma, our own tendencies, our own concentration so we can keep evolving.

 The most important work that I am doing with this plant, the work that God wants of me and of this plant in this moment here - it is to bring the vibration into the souls of the people so the souls begin to have a direction, and the body and the mind begin to be purified in order to be able to reach deeper and deeper and deeper into the truth that is ourselves.