Travel Information

Traveling to Peru

The airport in Lima where you will arrive is called Jorge Chavez International airport. Tickets can be booked through international carriers from your area.  From Lima, you will take a domestic flight to the city of Pucallpa.  A representative of Sachavacay will meet you personally at the airport in Pucallpa.  You may choose to spend one or more days in Lima or fly directly to Pucallpa.  There are convenient hotels for a quick overnight near the Lima airport.  Some participants have enjoyed hotels in the Miraflores area of Lima, about a 45 minute taxi ride from the airport.




IMPORTANT: Please make travel arrangements to arrive in Pucallpa by 3:00PM ONE DAY BEFORE the Dieta is scheduled to begin. The first day of the Dieta will be the day we depart as a group for the jungle.


Hotel Accommodations

Once in Pucallpa, the group will stay one night at Los Gavilanes Hotel (a clean and restful hotel with swimming pool), before departing early the next morning for Sachavacay.


The Sachavacay Dieta Department will make reservations for participants at Los Gavilanes Hotel for the nights prior to and post the Dieta.  If you wish to make reservations for additional nights before or after the Dieta, please contact LOS GAVILANES HOTEL directly.  Please note that hotel accommodations are not included in the cost of the Dieta.  Each individual participant is responsible for his or her own costs.


Los Gavilanes Hotel

Telephone # from Peru (061) 597255



Additional expenses

*Travel to Sachavacay and all meals and necessities in the jungle are included in the cost of the Dieta. However, all meals outside of Sachavacay are to be paid for by the participant.  In addition to meals in Pucallpa before and after the Dieta, o the morning of departure you will stop for lunch at a little restaurant. Please be sure you have small change and small bills (Peruvian money) to pay for your lunch and tip.


* At the end of dieta most people like to leave a tip for the staff of Sachavacay.  As one participant wrote about her experience:  “I got 10 days worth of room service with gourmet meals, laundry, personal bodyguard and nursemaid if I couldn’t make it back to my tambo....all with a smile of course!!!!!” Additional staff usually numbers around eight.


It is mentioned here because most people forget to take enough money with them to the land. THIS IS NOT A REQUIREMENT. Some of you might not be able to leave anything extra... while others of you can afford to do so.   You decide if and how much.



There are no required vaccinations for entering Peru.  However, the CDC makes the following recommendations:


Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Typhoid, Yellow fever, Rabies, Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) and tetanus.


Receiving these vaccinations is at your personal discretion.


Risk of malaria in Sachavacay is extremely low. The mosquitoes carrying malaria have not been found in this area and no cases have been reported in the region of Sachavacay.


Other Helpful Hints

• You will be able to leave a suitcase at the hotel in Pucallpa with the items you do want to bring with you to Sachavacay.  Remember to pack a lock so that you can secure your luggage.  While there have never been problems, you may feel more comfortable if your luggage is locked.  

• Take your passport with you to the land.   When traveling in foreign countries it is important to always keep your passport with you.  A copy of it should be kept in your luggage at the hotel.


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