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What to Bring


The weather in December in Pucallpa can be quite warm, cooler in spring and summer. Bring light, comfortable clothes, as well as something to stay warm at night, when it gets cooler. Also, remember long sleeves and pants work best when the bugs come out.

The following is the temperature range in the region of Sachavacay. It is good to approximate temperature for the season you will be traveling.

Maximum temp. 96.62*F ( 35.9*c)

Medium temp. 80.6 (27.0*c)

Minimum temp. 67.64*f (19.8*c)


The following items are recommended

• white clothing for ceremonies - no shorts

• raingear (optional)

• camera (optional)

• towel and washcloth

• small bottle for water

• flashlight or headlamp (extra batteries)




• no sunblock - bring light clothing to cover 

  yourself or stay out of the sun

• no insect repellant

• mirrors

• no medicines including herbs, homeopathic, vitamins or supplements

• no food of any kind


The experience of the Dieta is one of deep personal solitude. Much of our time is spent in inward reflection. Therefore we will not be using anything that distracts our attention outward.


Please do not bring CD/MP3 players/I-Pods into the jungle. Do not bring books or reading material. (These are fine for our stay in Pucallpa before and after the Dieta).


A good general rule is that anything that provides mental “input” is to be left at home. Anything through which you can creatively “output” your experience, i.e. musical instrument, paints, or journals are fine and can be helpful.


• Thermarest pad (inflatable) (to save your back!)

• sleeping bag / bedding / extra sheet/ pillow (a mattress with sheet & blanket is provided, along with a mosquito net, although you may want additional bedding especially in the cooler months)

• journal, sketchbook, art materials, pens and / or pencils (for recording your experience)

• musical instruments (optional)

• rubber boots (can be purchased for $10 in Pucallpa)

• long socks for the boots

• yoga mat (optional)

• back jack or camping chair (wooden seats are provided for ceremony, however, if you need additional padding or support, please plan to bring it with you)

• day to day comfortable clothing - you don’t need much!

• clothesline and clothes pins (optional)


What NOT to bring to the jungle

• absolutely no essential oils

• no soaps, shampoos or toothpaste - nothing with scent of any kind